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 The Crystal Restaurant

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PostSubject: The Crystal Restaurant   Sat May 04, 2013 1:00 am

After visiting the Crystal Empire, Thunderp wanted more of the crystalness. She was looking around when she had found a restaurant called Le Crystal. Thunderp came inside, and saw it was deserted. No pony in it.

In the corner of Thunderp's eye, she saw a sign that said: For Sale. 25 bits. Thunderp then looked around for the founder of Le Crystal. He was sitting waiting for some people. Thunderp came to him and said "May I take this restaurant?" the founder hopped up happily and shook Thunderp's hoof as happily as anypony could be and said "Of course!"He then left, with Thunderp in the restaurant.

Thunderp looked for cleaning materials. She had found a broom and then sweeped the place up very clean.Thunderp then got some food making materials and started up the restaurant again. Thunderp sat on the counter, waiting for her first customer.
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The Crystal Restaurant
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